A 6-week, In-Person, Playshop for Couples!

Are you tired of:


Stepping on each other’s feet at one more set of dance lessons?

Trying to find a movie you can both agree on?

Watching the Continuously Negative News channel?

JOIN US in our relationship enriching playground!

The Power of Play is for you and your partner if:

Your relationship’s good AND you’re willing to connect even more deeply

You’d like to smooth some of the edges that have crept in between you

Everything’s fine, just not as fun as it used to be – actually it feels like hard work

You’re feeling a little ho-hum about your relationship and want to light a new fire

You’re looking for new ways to explore just how great your relationship could be

You’re deeply committed to your relationship

You’d love to meet and learn from other couples building great relationships

You don’t want to hang out with a bunch of people in struggling relationships

You’re willing to play and have fun while you learn and explore!

(Oh yes – and you live in Calgary or surrounding area!)



How’s This Going to Work?

We will meet for 2 hours each Wednesday night for 6 weeks starting October 23rd.

We will teach and guide you through ideas and experiences designed to open you to yourself and your partner in a whole new way.

You will have the opportunity to experience, express, explore and discover in the privacy of your own partnership

You will have the opportunity (entirely optional!) learn and share with other openhearted couples.

All in the spirit of fun, adventure and exploration!


Enroll Here To Secure Your Seat!

Space is limited to 15 couples so don’t delay!

Our Cancellation and Refund Policy


“You are doing this because you are fantastic and brave and curious. And, yes, you are probably a little crazy. And this is a good thing”
– Chris Baty

As a participant in the POWER of PLAY 6-Week Program, you and your partner will:

Discover the single biggest relationship killer and how to eliminate it from your relationship!

Discover the single biggest relationship enhancer and how to integrate it everywhere!

Release yourselves from those recurring issues that just won’t go away.

Explore and upgrade your relationship patterns – we all have them, let’s make good ones!

Discern the crucial difference between what’s ‘fun’ for you and what’s ‘fun’ for your partner.

Awaken your senses, unkink your creative flow, reconnect to your body – and then watch what happens!

Experience how play can open up your relationship to greater intimacy and connection.

Discover how to live a life of passion and play.

The 6-week program starts Wednesday October 23, 2013

We meet weekly, in-person every Wednesday from 7 – 9pm at the Centre For Inspired Living, #5, 2439 54 Ave SW, Calgary. (see Map for details).

Here’s our week-by-week list of the topics we’ll be exploring, possibly not exactly in this order!

Week One: Introducing the Power of Play

What’s being in relationship really all about?

Are you willing to toss out the myth of hard work?

Savouring the WD40 of Relationships

How balloons, hackey-sacks, finger puppets and other dollar store items can serve you well

“Connection is why we are here, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”
– Brene Brown
Week Two: Moving From Drama to Delight

Everything’s great … and then something happens

What’s your particular Triangle dance look like?

Reliably shifting from drama to delight

Expanding your capacity for love and pleasure

“A power struggle collapses when you withdraw our energy from it. Power struggles become uninteresting to you when you change your intention from winning to learning about yourself.”
~ Gary Zukav
Week Three: Retiring From the Blame Game

Knocking off the single biggest relationship killer

What you’re requiring in your relationship and how to stop ordering it up

How taking 100% responsibility liberates time, energy and relationships

Barriers to asking for what you want and how to collapse them

“The long-term possibilities of any relationship are limited by or expanded by what the partners are being accountable for.”
~ Alison Armstrong
Week Four: Playing with Polarities

How our differences attract and repel us

Playing with the Splitter/Glommer continuum

Taking a walk in your partner’s shoes

Individuality and connection in relationship

“You like potato and I like potahto. You like tomato and I like tomahto. Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto – let’s call the whole thing off!”
~ George and Ira Gershwein

Week Five: Igniting a Deeper Fire

How to open to the wisdom that your body contains

Sex – it’s never about the quantity, quality or position!

Awakening your senses

Opening to your sexual and creative flow

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”
– Oprah Winfrey

Week Six: Maximum Wow!

Now what’s possible?

Your relationship as a conduit for purpose

Creating Rockin’ Beginnings

Your new relationship commitments

“Nothing guarantees a long and happy marriage except two people willing to throw themselves, headlong, into the uncertainty, the inevitable pain and disappointment, the absolutely guaranteed failures and essential bravery, of intimacy. It does take two – and that’s a shame, because so may no-too-bad marriages have one person who is willing to make that leap and one who is, at heart, not – but if you have two people who are willing to make themselves better, more vulnerable, more honest than they were the year before, you, you lucky few, you have a shot at the long and happy.”
– Amy Bloom

Our Cancellation and Refund Policy


“Successful relationships are built upon the foundation of bringing committed love to the table every day, communicating your feelings, receiving your partner’s feelings and setting healthy boundaries to maintain a sense of independence within the relationship. This allows for love to be given and received, proper adjustments to be made if the line of communication gets fuzzy and still gives each of you the freedom to be yourself and bring forth your unique creative expression.

This combination will manifest the strongest and healthiest relationships in your life.

And remember, the purpose of relationships is to be happy, to learn and to CO-create a life together.”
– Jackson Kiddard