Who are You?

Are you:

  • In a relationship that’s not bad
  • Longing for a relationship that’s sensational
  • Wondering what you can do to create the relationship of your dreams

Are You Committed to:

  • Taking full responsibility for your life
  • Taking full responsibility for how you show up in your relationship
  • Having your relationship be your greatest teacher
  • Being a life long learner when it comes to your relationship

Are you:

  • Unsure how to create what you want
  • Noticing an internal niggle when you think about your relationship
  • Scared at what might happen if you look into your relationship
  • Wanting to thrive not just survive

If any of this is true, Vibrant Couples Coaching Services are for you!

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Who are We?

Jane and Bob are passionate believers in the unique power of relationship to create opportunities for personal discovery and development. We are both trained and experienced relationship coaches working with individuals and couples leaving relationships, forming relationships and growing relationships.

Jane and Bob have been in love for almost 20 years. We have each previously experienced divorce, we’ve thrived creating our blended family – Jane’s 2 boys and Bob’s 3 girls – and we’re committed to a continuous exploration of our own, each other and our relationship’s purpose and pleasure.

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Vibrant Couples Coaching Approach

Whether you are engaging in one of our group coaching programs, or receiving individual or couples coaching from either Bob or Jane, our focus is on creating the structure and the support that gives you the space to explore what is really going on inside. Whether it’s the way you are interacting, the longing for a deeper connection, a desire to re-ignite faded passion or a curiosity about what else might be possible – all these areas (and more) contain gems that can allow you to open to a life and a relationship of richness, depth and purpose.

Wondering who to coach with? Our suggestion is to start by watching the videos and asking yourself – who am I naturally drawn to? We all have patterning and beliefs that will naturally guide us one way or the other. So start there!

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Individual Coaching

We’re committed to creating a structure where you can explore, expand and evolve and have structured our coaching offerings in a way that we believe will best support your growth and development.

Coaching is available to both individuals and couples.

All sessions are conducted over Skype or phone based on client preference. Between-session coaching is available via email.

Monthly Coaching Package (includes 3 one hour coaching sessions with unlimited email coaching between sessions) $500/ month

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Group Coaching

Group coaching is offered at regular intervals both in-person and online. Our most popular group coaching offering is called The Power of Play A 6-week Online Playshop for individuals and couples who are interested in diving more deeply into their already good relationship!

If you’re wanting to infuse your relationship with a big dose of PLAY then come join us!

(We do not currently have any Group Coaching programs scheduled. We’re finding that people seem to prefer the one-on-one (or two-on-one) coaching approach. If you think you’d prefer the group coaching, email us and lets chat!)

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