The Night I Took My Wife To A Cheap Hotel

Bob-Tomes-Jane-WarrenSunday night started with walking to see the movie, Hector and The Search For Happiness. Who knew that Hector was going to be with us for the rest of the night and early into the morning? The movie was great and generated all kinds of conversation on our long walk home. We talked about happiness as a choice and a way of being rather then something to work towards; we talked about the delightful swirl of being able to access all of our emotions; we talked about how much freedom we felt when we dropped the need to blame and criticize.

Once home it was time for bed and then all of a sudden I realized that we had planned, early the next morning, to take our van in for new tires. This is the busy season for tires around here so we wanted to be at the store by 7:30. With the thought of an early morning swirling in our heads, Jane suggested we go and drop the van off that night since they had a key drop off service. It was after 11 but going now meant avoiding the morning rush hour and sleeping in to a decent hour. Awesome idea we both thought.

So van key in hand, we jumped in, drove close to the tire store, grabbed a Car2Go (take it, drive it, park it – if you don’t know this service check it out here), met at the store minutes later, locked up the van, filled out our details on the envelope, placed my van key in envelope and dropped the envelope through the slot into the secure vault several feet down on the floor.

With our superior plan almost complete we jumped into the Car2Go and headed home. There were almost no cars on the road by this time since it was almost midnight. The moon was high in the sky shining bright and the air crisp but pleasant. And then as we arrived home the thought crossed our minds at almost the same time “Do you have a pass key to get into our condo complex?”

Well, you can imagine the mild surprised look on both our faces when we answered, “Ummm … No.” All 4 pass keys were sitting inside our condo. This wasn’t the first time we’d gone out without the pass key and what we would usually do is wait for one of the condo residents to come home and access the underground parking, and then we’d follow them in to gain access to our condo. The problem tonight was that it was after midnight and the chances of people arriving home this late on a Sunday night was pretty remote.

But being the optimists that we are (and in the absence of a better idea), we waited for a while, chased after a hopeful looking vehicle that turned out to be delivering papers to our side of the locked doors, and then – a flash of brilliance. We had a key fob in our van that gives us access to the underground parking so we could simply drive back to the tire store, open the van and voila we’d grab the device and be on our way. We jumped back into the Car2Go, tired but energized by our solution, until I asked Jane, “You do have your van key right?” To which she replied, “Oh shit, no!” . No point bringing her keys when I had mine!
So, back we went to think this one over and continue our attempts to manifest some late night returning resident … although now it was well past midnight. Time to make the hard choice. Do we wait it out and hope or do we drive to a cheap hotel for the night and get some sleep?

By now I’m sure you see where this is heading. We jumped back into the Car2Go and headed off to what is fondly called “motel village”. We found a relatively cheap hotel, bought 2 toothbrushes and a small tube of toothpaste and scurried off to bed. By this time it was almost 1:30 in the morning. No time for cheap hotel sex, just a sweet kiss goodnight and off to dreamland we went.

The next morning we woke, brushed our teeth and headed off to see if we could get that special little device out of our van to gain access to our building. Turns out just as we arrive our new tires were on the van and we’re able to head home and only make this one trip.

Once home we had a nice hot shower and smiled to each other about our fun little adventure the night before.

So here’s the amazing part. Not once did we blame each other. Not even internally. I did notice at one point I was thinking of blaming myself and then I thought it through and decided no blame or criticism was in order. It just happened.

HappinessAnd so, just as we talked about on the walk home from the movie, happiness is a choice as is blame and criticism. You can choose how you react to life’s little twists and turns and whether being locked out is a big deal or you can take your partner to a cheap hotel and have a great story to tell for years to come.

I can’t wait to see what tonight might bring!

The Inner Game In Relationship

Genie Bouchard 2014Watching Eugenie Bouchard, the newest Canadian tennis phenom, lose badly in her first ever Wimbledon tennis finals and then hearing her say “I don’t deserve your love today” in her post-game interview, I was reminded about the importance of the inner game in sports and in life. By inner game I mean the mind chatter that happens during and after the event is over. The mind can be merciless during times of defeat.

This is no different during times in our relationship when something happens that has a significant impact and results in a big emotional reaction. Maybe your partner criticizes you often, in public and in private. Or maybe they tell you what to do when you’re already busy with something else. Whatever the event is you can feel defeated in the moment as your mind starts to make all kinds of connections that may or may not be true.

The big point that is missing at these times is the recognition of the emotion that’s at hand. You may feel sad or angry, depending on your early life experiences. And along with your emotion there could be a feeling of dejection and withdrawn or determination to not wanting to relive these experiences again. Regardless of how you feel the fact that you are feeling something is significant to winning the inside game.

When you find yourself having a big reaction to something your partner says or does take a moment to check inside and see what emotion is at play. Without attaching any reasons why, check in to see if you feel angry or sad or even scared. This important first step allows you to connect with your body and acknowledge the experience your body is having in this moment. The second step is to stay with your feelings liked you’d stay with a small child who was displaying these same emotions. And the final step is to breathe with these emotions as you come to grips with what just happened and start to see it with a clear mind. This is the inner game that needs to take place.

Being with and for you in these moments (being with that inner child) is one of the most loving experiences a person can have in their lifetime. No one else is needed in these moments, although that would be nice, so you don’t have to rely on anyone else.

GenieBouchard2In the end, to be successful at the outer game you must first become very skilled with the inner game. The strength you develop as you hone your inner game skills will serve you well regardless of what match you’re playing and in the end you will be stronger and more versatile for whatever gets thrown your way the next time.

Farewell Malaysia

relaxingWe’ve come to the end of our time here in Malaysia and as part of my conscious completion I’ve decided to express my many appreciations for all the gifts I’ve uncovered while we’ve been here.

Dear Malaysia

I appreciate your sweet pace of life where in one moment I can stroll quietly down a back street and the next be bombarded with the sounds of motorcycles and scooters racing away from the few intersections with street lights. I love how in the first hours of our arrival you offered up a food stall area (hawker stalls) where we found one man who for at least 10 hours each day labours over a hot wok creating one of his only two dishes. His Char Keow Teow was the best of it’s kind out of many great places we explored and he was located only a short three minute walk away from our row house. The variety of foods from different cultures is impressive and I gratefully tasted many delicious offerings on a regular basis. Added to this was the fact that the cost was less then what we would have had to pay if we bought all the ingredients and made it ourselves.

I also appreciate how safe I’ve felt in Penang and Langkawi. Not once did I feel I was in physical danger from a local resident. On the contrary, people were either very friendly and sweet or disinterested in making eye contact. Now crossing your roads is another story. The lack of regard for pedestrians by most drivers was something I was not used to or prepared for.

I could go on about your fabulous vistas, amazing temples and incredible heritage buildings. I do however have some specific things that I did not expect to discover that I want to express.

I deeply grateful for the opportunity to see the power of being present while at the same time hearing my internal voices that told me to run away from your exhausting heat and mosquitos. My ability to see beauty in every moment, even when I was feeling sad or angry, has been greatly enhanced by being here.

I’m also incredibly grateful to uncover new aspects of myself that I’ve never had access to until now. In particular, I’m deeply grateful to see my thoughts as just one piece of who I am and to see that I am not my thoughts. I’m also appreciating how a new level of masculinity is emerging where I see my power as standing tall, being authentic and loving regardless of how others show up in my world.

And last but not least, I’m appreciating the new depth and breadth that is now my relationship with Jane. I’m able to see Jane for who she is at her core regardless of how she shows up and to love her even when she’s emotional or creatively inconsistent.

All of my collective experiences have lead me to see I came as one person and am leaving as someone incredibly different. And I love the new me, while appreciating the old me who brought me here willingly to see how this experience would change me.

The world is an incredibly amazing place and my level of aliveness is deeper and wider then it’s ever been before. I can’t wait to share my experiences with others who also want to explore new ways to create a sense of aliveness like they’ve never experienced before. While it’s not a journey for the faint of heart I sense there are a lot of people who are ready and willing to take the leap into the great unknown of what it truly means to feel alive.

Oh, and before I forget, I also want to express my appreciation for your amazing medical facilities and the doctors who so skillfully looked after Jane during her adventure into the unknown. I am forever grateful that your physicians and equipment are world class.

MorgensherzI anticipate that we’ll be back at some point, at least for a visit or a stopover on our way to some other amazing part of planet earth. Until then I extend my best wishes and know that you will be in my heart always.

With deep appreciation and respect!


Appreciating “Are You The One For Me?” 20 Years Later

Are You The One For Me BookApril – 20 years ago – I started reading Barbara De Angelis’ book, “Are You The One For Me?”. August of this year I’ll be celebrating meeting my now wife, Jane, and the relationship and life we’ve created together. ”Are You The One For Me?” played a big part in helping me to see that she was ‘the one’ even when I wasn’t sure myself. Here’s what happened:

When I finally decided to end my first marriage after 16 years, I felt both a sense of excitement around possibility and sadness around not being with my 3 daughters day in and day out. I did however come to the realization that if I was ever going to have the chance of experiencing the kind of love I desired, and of modelling a high functioning relationship to my children, now was the time. Much to my former mother-in-law’s disbelief, I wasn’t seeing anyone else; I was simply tired of feeling dead every night I came home from work.

Now, on my own, I started creating time for me to simply wonder what I wanted for my life. As part of my process I came across the book “Are You The One For Me?”, by Barbara De Angelis, PH.D. Knowing that I wanted to get clear about what I did want, rather than what I didn’t want, this book seemed very relevant at the time. I don’t recall too much about the book other than at the end there was a section that encouraged the creation of a wide-ranging list of attributes I was looking for in a new partner. Based on this suggestion and the great examples that were provided I created my list of 72 things I was looking for in my future, unknown, partner. Being an accountant, I even created a spreadsheet to assist me.

I remember having my list printed out and tucked inside my bedside table. Whenever I would go out on a coffee date I would come home, pull out my list and see how many characteristics I could check off as being a part of this new person I had just met. Most often I would get less than half way down my list and I’d have more no’s then yeses. So I could stop and know that I had a “no” for this one. I’m smiling as I remember this – did I really need a list tell me they were no’s? Probably not, but it was certainly a huge help as I learned to trust my instincts and my choices.

Then on an auspicious late afternoon in August 1994 it happened. I had invited a friend and her family over for a barbecue to thank her for being a reference for my new job. Unfortunately her husband was away hiking with friends and she was reluctant to come on her own with her 2 kids. After finally accepting my invite she called back moments later to ask if she could invite a friend of hers to come along. Her friend also had 2 kids. I recognized her discomfort and immediately said yes although I realized that some of the women I had turned down lately were all friends of hers and how would this new friend be any different. Shortly after this phone call I received another call from her telling me that her friend was looking after 2 kids of friends that were out of town so could she bring them along as well? By this time I was doing quick math in my head. My 3 girls, my friends 2 kids, her friends 2 kids and 2 more kids she was looking after for the weekend. Nine kids aged between 3 and 12. After saying yes and having the shock wear off I immediately started planning activities, games, food and movies all to make sure the kids had fun and the adults would have a bit of time to ourselves.

The day went off fabulously. We started with a water fight. Each person had their own water gun and the hose was off to the side for refills. All 12 of us laughed and soaked each other for almost an hour. I was delighted to note that this new woman jumped right in and played big. I was having so much fun that it took me a moment to see how she was helping me tick off my list with yeses. Loves kids, tick, likes to play, tick, loves to laugh, tick, looks great in a wet t-shirt, tick. You get the picture. Afterwards the kids did some crafts, munched on kid friendly food and were easily talked into watching a movie. Now it was time for our adult dinner. The three adults ate, talked, laughed and generally had fun getting to share stories and past lives. I found out that this new woman liked to play squash, tick, and enjoyed all kinds of food, one more tick.

While, initially, I wasn’t exactly sure about whether she was the one for me, over time I was able to give a positive tick mark to 71 out of 72 attributes I was looking for. The one “no”? Loves to golf”! I actually pondered this for awhile and came to the conclusion that I could live with that ‘no’ with a hidden hope that maybe she would come around on that one. She never has.

Now, almost 20 years later, I can still recall that first encounter with great detail and delight. And my life and my relationship have flourished every day since. Just last year when I told someone that I had been married for over 17 years, they told me that they thought we were actually still newlyweds given the way we carry on and how much love they see between us. Who says the honeymoon has to die after a couple of years?

My relationship and marriage to Jane has been the best choice I’ve ever made and I have a ton of appreciation for the woman and her book that helped me create a list of 72 attributes. Thank you Barbara De Angelis! Your book contributed massively to me seeing what it was that I was looking for. And I was smart enough to use this tool to manifest that amazing relationship I have today.

BobandJaneNow this isn’t the only reason why I have an amazing relationship that sparkles after almost 20 years. There are many other factors that I’ve learned over the years. For anyone who wants to learn more come visit us at where we’re willing to share all we can to guide you toward creating the relationship you’ve always wanted.

7 Sizzling Valentine’s Day Ideas To Wow Your Main Squeeze

Playful CoupleAre you letting the daily grind put a damper on your love life? Time for a refresher course!

Valentine’s Day has become so laden with traditions, expectations, and marketing mania that it’s easy to slip into thought patterns like: “I have to …”, “To heck with it, I’m NOT going to …”, “He’d better do …” and/or “What on earth am I going to do?” All of which create angst and effort and resentment and, often, disappointment; the antithesis of what Valentine’s Day is all about … love! On this holiday, you should be focused on celebrating and appreciating your love for each other.

Here are 7 quick attitude adjustments that can help bring your Valentine’s Day experience back around to a true celebration of love, meanwhile adding some high-octane fuel to the intimacy, passion and play in your relationship!

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7 Sizzling Valentine’s Day Ideas To Wow Your Main Squeeze

heart with couple inside

Valentine’s Day For Men – Hype or Heartfelt

Love HeartGuys, with so few days left before Valentine’s Day are you looking forward to it and planning ahead or are you rolling your eyes and wondering how to get through this day one more time? I (Bob) have read so much about how this day is for women and men just need to comply for their own good that I feel little sick. So instead of sitting here complaining I thought I’d write about my approach to V Day.

In case you haven’t noticed over the years, red roses become extremely expensive on Valentine’s Day. This is just one of many reasons not to send flowers on V Day. Instead, buy a single red rose and then add a note that says “I want you to know I’m not buying into the hype of Valentines Day. I love you everyday of the year and I want to show you this by sending you flowers randomly throughout the year.” And then at least once every couple of months SEND FLOWERS on a random day. Send them to her at the office and think ahead to whether she has a vase in the office If not, include a vase. In your note write a piece that say’s something about how you appreciate her, and be specific. And then sit back and wait for the phone call. What I discovered is that after awhile Jane would say to me, “You know you don’t need to do this” and I would smile and say “I know – and I want to!”

Now with dinner on Valentine’s Day the same thing happens each year. Everyone takes their partner out to a restaurant where the service is slow, the restaurant is noisy and the prices are inflated. Instead, plan ahead and either create a dinner plan you can easily execute yourself or visit your favourite restaurant and see if they will create a dinner for you to take home. Tell your partner, a few days in advance, that you’ve got V Day dinner covered so they don’t need to plan anything. This is especially significant for those who see this as an act of love. Then on V Day, dress nice, no jeans, bring out your favourite special drink, light a few candles and chat about this whole experience for you.

Lastly, don’t expect sex on V Day. This is another myth. Realize that sex comes from desire not love. Love is cuddly and offers safety and security. As humans we do need both love and desire and V Day is all about love. Park your desire and watch a movie together and then chat a bit more, or pour her a bath while you clean up.

Couple Celebrating LoveWhatever your approach is on Valentine’s Day remember to take this opportunity to appreciate your partner. You chose each other for a reason so celebrate all that brought you together and all you have discovered about yourself now that you’ve been together. And if you can deliver your appreciation while looking into her eyes you’ll see even more of the amazing person you chose.

Happy Valentine’s day!

Banff Couples Conference – You Going?

Banff Couples Conf

Why you should come to the Banff Couples Conferenceby Marilyn Robertson

2013 was a hard year on families and marriages. There was the flood. Some Albertans still don’t have homes; some have incurred financial hardship while rebuilding their homes. Some are silently watching their loved one fight disease – whether it is physical or mental, some have lost family members. Many Albertans work in the oil and gas sector or for businesses that support it. The impending layoffs that have already or will occur as companies sell off their Canadian assets in an effort to be remain profitable. These are just some of the public challenges. There are many more that are quietly fought. These all spell stress, stress on families, stress on marriages. Do these ring true in your world?

It is during these times that couples often pull away from one another. They are certain that if they just don’t tell their partner they can protect them from additional pain. They really don’t need one more thing to stress them out. This is where we should never assume what the other is thinking.

In reality what they need is to be closer. Close enough that you can gather your courage and whisper to your partner what it is you need from them without feeling fear of judgment or retribution. What you need is to feel cherished, valued, loved, desired and what that looks like in your world. Perhaps appreciation needs to be shared with the other. Open the lines of communication and be honest but kind. But how? How does one create the sacred space to share those thoughts? How do you start?

I would encourage you to come to BCC this year. For one weekend put aside the troubles and invest in your future. You need one another. Let nature’s beauty seep into your pores, let the warmth of your partner’s touch warm your body, let their eyes take in grandeur that is you and the words you share build a sacred place between the two of you. Come and continue to fall in love all over again.

You’ll find all the details at

What is the Purpose of Relationship?

Small cute surprised child in blue pajamaWith so many people wanting to either get into a relationship, make their relationship better or get out of a relationship I (Bob) wonder about our understanding around the purpose of being in relationship.

For some people it appears they want to be in relationship so they have someone to take care of them, to feel safe with, while for others it’s about wanting a parenting partner and still for others it’s about traveling, laughing and lots of sex. These feel like goals or desires, and are outcome based.

For me, I’ve come to see the purpose of relationship as something very different. I see that the primary purpose of relationship is to be the container within which each person gets to grow, discover and evolve. This container is like an oyster shell with its potential to create a pearl. And just like it takes a whole bunch of sand to create the pearl it also takes the grit and abrasiveness inside a relationship to assist us in becoming who we are meant to be.

Notice how many of your friend’s relationships are not what they were hoping for. Like most of us, they argue (or at least disagree) about kids, sex and money. They complain about what their partner does or doesn’t do and how they don’t communicate the way they like. Some of them wish they knew how to make it perfect so that all this ‘sand’ would just disappear, while others have resigned themselves to never seeing what a great relationship looks and feels like. Problem is there are very few couples who have made it to the space where they get that their relationship is all about their own personal growth and development.

When I look at the purpose of relationship with this set of glasses I start to see the value of my relationship. How could I possibly become aware of my patterns, traits and values if I didn’t have a foil to push up against? How would I ever learn to become responsible for actions, my thoughts, feelings, reactions and myself? And how could I see the potential and possibilities for my relationship if I didn’t see that it was all in my best interest?

Bob 2013-2Of course there’s no way to know if my perspective is right. And the only way I can prove out my theory is to live inside my relationship with this belief – that my relationship is my greatest discovery tool. Which is why I continue to use my relationship as a living laboratory to test out my theories and beliefs.

I invite you to take a look at your beliefs about the purpose of relationship for your life and then use your relationship to test out what you believe.

For all of us I hope the results are amazingly positive!

So what’s the purpose of relationship for you?

Engage with us on Facebook – we’d love to hear from you.

Are you willing to be surprised?

Couple married olderHave you been with your partner for a considerable period of time? Do you think you know everything about them? Do you believe you know everything about you? This has been our area of exploration for many years now. Early on in our relationship we’d talk for hours and discover all kinds of new things about each other. Over the years, however, these discoveries became less and less. And then something magical happened.

Jane realized that she was expecting a certain response from me (Bob) and much to her surprise I said something that totally caught her off guard. Her puzzled look was my invitation to ask what was going on for her. She was convinced that would have responded differently just a year ago and so she was surprised.

I assured her she was probably right and that having given the topic more thought I’d come to a new conclusion. In effect, I had changed. This was her opportunity to ask about my process and our discussion went on for over an hour. Afterward, we noticed we both felt more connected to each other. There was a warmth in my heart that since I was being accepted for who I was now and not judged for who I was previously.

Herein lies the value of being willing to be surprised. Rather than just assume you know everything about your partner, look at them with wonder in your eyes and consider, “Who are they becoming?” To your delight, and theirs, you will start to see them again like you did when you first met. Your curiosity will be infectious and playfulness will follow!

couple playingOver the last couple of weeks we’ve been interviewed 3 times. And one of the exciting bits for us is continually learning more about each other and ourselves with every interview. This willingness to be surprised has become our best tip!

Become willing to be surprised today and start seeing your partner for the very first time again! The benefits are a lifetime of passion and play!

But I KNOW I’m Right …

I (Bob) have been receiving some feedback recently that hasn’t been the easiest to hear or acknowledge. What’s delighting me is that I’m noticing a big shift in my habitual patterns. Rather than becoming defensive, and pointing out where the other person might be missing some facts, or jumping to incorrect conclusions, I’ve chosen to simply accept the feedback and open up to see what it is that I’m being invited to learn about myself. As a result I’m able to stay in the present moment and not waste what used to be copious amounts of energy engaging in angry conversations and accusatory rants. All these happened in my head rather than out loud, so they were emotion-full and emotion-unexpressed – in other words a huge drain on my energy.

I can remember times as a child when my dad would tell me about something he didn’t like that I was doing and I would immediately start arguing with him that he was wrong. All this ever did was create more anger coming my way. As I grew older I learned to suppress my expression of these feelings so I wouldn’t get into trouble. I adopted a grin and bear it mentality, all the while believing I was right and they were wrong and that’s all there was to it. I refused to see these interactions as a learning opportunity – I didn’t even realize that was an option!

Not surprisingly, when I became a father I repeated this pattern with my daughters only this time I was right and they were wrong. And I still wasn’t open to learning from my interactions with them.

The natural consequence was that I kept having the same repeating relationship interactions. People would provide feedback, either through their words or their actions, and I would create reasons in my head why they were wrong and I was right. I can still recall an incident at a personal development training I was attending where the leader offered feedback through illustration after illustration and my response was, “You just don’t understand!”, to which her comment was something like, “Well, I guess you’re not open to receiving this as feedback!” This moment shook me deeply and I decided right then and there I needed to change, but how?

By that time I knew that the how wasn’t going to become clear until I was actually willing to commit to what I wanted – and I was willing. “I commit to being open to learning from every relationship interaction.” Now change didn’t happen overnight. I would slip back into my old ways, which I could see happening almost as fast as it happened. In these moments I would recommit and start again. Recommitting became my ally.

And through the committing and recommitting came more and more opportunities to turn my focus away from what someone else was or wasn’t doing (totally outside my control anyway) and onto what it was that I was being invited to learn (totally inside my control). Anger and self-righteousness were slowly replaced by curiosity and wonder. Energy draining mental rants were slowly replaced by energy enhancing discovery and delight.

So if you find yourself being defensive, like I was, and sometimes still am, and you want to become open to learning from every relationship interaction, then start with a commitment. The simple fact that you are aware of what you want and reaffirming your commitment whenever you slip will create the space for an opening to appear and your particular brand of “how” will present itself.

Watch out though, your life will never be the same!