The 4 Most Important Things You Should Know About
Relationship Coaches & Industry Experts
Bob Tomes & Jane Warren

  • We are co-founders of Vibrant Couples, an organization dedicated to the creation of passionate lives and vibrant relationships – simultaneously – where each supports and fuels the other, where we specialize in working with people who want to take their relationship and their own lives from satisfied to SENSATIONAL!!!
  • We are co-creators of SpringBoard Divorce and the Creating A Civilized Divorce Video Vault, an online video library based on Jane’s 12 years as a highly successful divorce mediator. She has assisted thousands of people navigate their divorce in a respectful, efficient and cost–effective manner.
  • We are certified Conscious Living and Loving Coaches through the world-renowned Hendricks Institute, graduates of their Leadership and Transformation program and certified Soulful Coaches through the Centre For Inspired Living. Together and on our own we provide coaching to individuals navigating their self-growth process and couples wanting to create vibrant relationships.
  • We’ve both experienced divorce and now been happily married to each other for over 17 years. Between us we have a blended family of seven – us, Bob’s three girls and Jane’s two boys!

And The 3 More Things You Should Know
About Jane!

  • I started my professional career as an information technology specialist- for all the wrong reasons! I was highly successful by all traditional measures and gave it all up the day I finally realized that I was intellectually stimulated but purpose challenged. I became a highly successful divorce mediator creating a company called Civilized Divorce and a recently launched video vault product called Creating a Civilized Divorce. Combining that with the Vibrant Couples focus on the other end of the relationship spectrum rounds out my delight in relationships of all kinds.
  • I’m a published author of Have You Ever Wondered?, the first in a series of Wonder Poems which are Dr. Seuss like poems for conscious kids of all ages. Have You Ever Wondered? delves into life’s big questions in a way which is engaging, intriguing, educational and fun.
  • I split my school and university years between Canada, Singapore and England, which has left me with a voracious appetite for travel and a curiosity for new places, new cultures, new people and new food!

And The 3 More Things You Should Know
About Bob!

  • I started my professional career as a Chartered Accountant (CPA) – also for all the wrong reasons. I was highly successful by all traditional measures and gave it all up the day I finally realized that I was slowly suffocating. In the world of Relationship I have never been happier.
  • I’m a long time jock, with school and college titles and awards to my name. At this stage of my life that leaves me with determination, playfulness, great team skills and amazing hand/eye coordination!
  • I love travel, seafood and great red wine! I plan on experiencing all of these as I spread my vision of relationship through every continent (OK, maybe not Antarctica – penguins I really can’t help!)