Are you:

  •      in a good relationship and wish you were in a great relationship?
  •      afraid to change anything for fear that your relationship will get worse?
  •      or, if you do decide you want a great relationship you don’t know what to do?

We work with people of all ages who want a vibrant relationship and are more into experiencing and playing rather than reading and listening.



Click the box (or boxes) below that best reflect your relationship.

Newly Coupled?

Wondering to beat the odds and create a long-term relationship that continues to be as exciting as when you first met?

Couples Without Kids?

Wondering how to spice things up now that most of your friends have kids and are no longer available to hang out?

Couples with Kids?

Wondering how your relationship can be as playful and full of laughter as it was before your kids arrived?

Couples Who Worked Together?

Wondering how working together could be less< all-consuming and include more fun and variety?

Blended Family?

Wondering how your relationship can can continue to thrive as your build your ready-made family?

Empty Nesters?

Wondering how to rekindle the flames of passion and fun now that your kids have moved out?